Turbo gear units have to handle an extreme set of requirements.

Ever-increasing performance has to be maintained at ever-increasing circumferential speeds and with optimum efficiency. Whether standalone or integrated as single- and multi-stage units, our turbo gear units can handle these challenging requirements, and are designed for maximum speeds and maximum operational reliability.

Powered by electric motors, combustion engines or gas, steam or water turbines, they are used to drive industrial machines like generators, compressors, pumps or fans. While Pekrun turbo gear units can now be found in almost every sector, they are an especially popular choice in the oil, gas, petroleum and chemical industries.

Our turbo gear units are designed and built for output power ranges up to 30 MW, with a maximum rotary speed of 45,000 rpm and a maximum circumferential speed of 150 m/s. We can supply turbine gear units, blower and fan drives, pump drives, compressor drives and much, much more…

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