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A predictive, proactive approach to maximising gear unit lifetimes. Nothing more – but certainly nothing less.

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Inspection and service

Taking prompt action when it’s needed: If plants have to be shut down because of a fault, operators quickly face rising costs. Our inspection and maintenance service helps you to prevent shutdowns like these, and offers useful advice on optimising your MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) strategy.

Our service portfolio:

  • Inspection and service for gear units of any age or make
  • Inspection of interlocking parts, gear housings, bearings and bearing settings, heat release, seals and tightness, first signs of wear, defects, etc.
  • Measurements of vibrations and noise levels, oil analyses, endoscopic analyses, etc.
  • Customer-specific maintenance agreements, inspection and maintenance also for third-party brands, etc.


From broken or worn gearing teeth and bearing damage to running noise or increased vibration: Contact us for premium, manufacturer-independent service. Whatever their specialist department, our gear unit experts work together to find an integrated solution to your problem.

Our service portfolio:

  • Repairs for gear units of any age or make
  • Analysis of damage with recommended course of action
  • Reconditioning as a low-cost alternative to a new part?
  • Repair by replacing/reconditioning faulty gear unit parts
  • Express repair service
  • In-house production of replacement parts
  • Initial assembly of the gear unit in the plant, incl. laser alignment, run-time balancing in plant, etc.
  • Inspection records, inspection reports, etc.


Time is money. The faster and more cost effective the commissioning process is for our customers, the better.

Our service portfolio:

  • Quick, inexpensive advice and assistance provided during commissioning by a specialist on site
  • Initial assembly of the gear unit in the plant, incl. laser alignment, run-time balancing in plant
  • Pilot run under test and production conditions
  • Production support and monitoring
  • Preparation of customer-specific documentation, etc.

Replacement part service

We offer a guaranteed replacement part service with fast turnaround times for any gear unit, regardless of its age and make.

Our service portfolio:

  • Replacement part deliveries for gear units of any age or make
  • Shortest possible lead times thanks to high level of in-house production
  • Contract manufacturing of helical gears, bevel gears, complete gear stages, etc.
  • Reproductions from specimen parts
  • Provisioning of technical documentation, etc.
  • Worldwide delivery with installation of corresponding parts


An optimum level of productivity can only be achieved with systems that are technically state of the art. Our Retrofit Service enables you to increase the availability and process reliability of your existing systems.

Our service portfolio:

  • Analysis of the existing system
  • Redesign and/or upgrade according to your requirements
  • Completion of all necessary conversion work
  • Reproduction of third-party parts

On-site services

When it comes to repairs, reliability and keeping downtime to a minimum are more important than anything else. This is why we offer you the best expertise you can get, where you need it: On site at your plant.

Our service portfolio:

  • Global on-site repair service from a rapid response team on call 24 hours a day