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Axial tilting pad bearing damage: Taking prompt action when it´s needed!

Because local suppliers were unable to cope with the complex task, a customer from northern Europe engaged us with the repair of one of his mill gearboxes. In order to save time we started the purchasing process while the already disassembled gearbox was transported to our facilities. In this way we were able to replace all bearings, utility parts and the axial tilting pad bearing in only 10 days. A new paintjob of the gearbox included…

Gearbox data:

  • Type of gearbox: Pekrun mill gearbox, type KSP 125
  • Year of manufacture: 1980
  • Weight: 6,2 t
  • Type of operation: Vertical roller mill
  • Industry: Cement industry

Advice: If plants have to be shut down due to damage, operators quickly face rising costs. Our inspection and maintenance service helps to prevent shutdowns and offers useful advice on optimising your MRO strategy…