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Race against time…

Pekrun News - Wettlauf gegen die Zeit

Challenges? In love with it! With this repair order for a gearbox the main challenge was the tight time frame for performing the general overhaul along with the manufacture of hardened and ground toothed parts. We had less than two weeks from the first contact by a well-known customer to the delivery of the repaired gearbox.

Gear unit type: Spur wheel gear unit, type BSR 360
Application: Rolling mill

Repair work to be performed:

  • Dismantling, cleaning, diagnosis of the gearbox
  • Procurement, manufacture and heat treatment of spare parts
  • Procurement and replacement of all bearings and seals
  • Regrinding of gears
  • Unexpected machining of the housing and gear parts by Pekrun (rebushing of the housing bores, mechanical machining and adaptation of worn components, etc.)
  • New production of bearing caps, etc.
  • Test run with documentation

Our conclusion:

Mission accomplished, because satisfied customers are loyal customers. What else could one ask for?